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The Approach

The Approach

The fast and easy-to-learn self-protection method

The Approach self-protection method is based on natural body movements and thus easy to learn and to maintain.

The Approach is...


The Approach is a method, not a complex system or style, that is based on simple and natural movements. The Approach uses and reactivates patterns of movements that already exist inside your body.

style and system independent...

The Approach can be trained as a sole self-protection method or it can be added to your existing fighting system. Because The Approach is based on principles, it can be easily integrated into your personal repertoire.

for beginner and professionals...

Within a very short time beginner get to a level where they can protect themselves and experience how much power they can generate.

The Approach is very popular with people who have to deal with violent people on a professional basis, e.g. personal protection, police and security. Professionals appreciate the simple and direct approach of The Approach.

The following clip provides an insight into The Approach.

The Origin of The Approach Self-Protection Method

The Founder Eddie Quinn about The Approach:

What is The Approach? Is it a new system ? What it is, is a distillation of Pencak Silat Fitrah, with influences of Thai, Filipino and Indonesian martial arts all of which I have practiced over the years, what it provides is a very practical, easy to learn and efficient way of defending oneself and your loved ones.

The Approach Training

There are various ways to learn and train The Approach.


Learn The Approach from Kai Kuehn at regularly occurring seminars or directly from Eddie Quinn at one of his seminars in Germany.

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Training Workshops

Strengthen and deepen your The Approach skills at the monthly occurring "Concept Trainings", short CONTRA, with Kai Kuehn in Bremen, Germany.

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Personal Training

The most effective way of training.
Learn The Approach from Kai Kuehn in a personal training. In this 1:1 training you will learn the method within a few hours.

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More Information

For further informationen about The Approach as well as a list of The Approach instructors, please visit the following websites:

Visit Eddie Quinns official The Approach website and our german The Approach website:

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For questions regarding The Approach please do not hesitate to contact us .

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